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I have so many thoughts on the Hannibal finale that it needs its own post, and coherence, and possibly for me to go find my paperback copies of "Red Dragon" and "Hannibal" in order to make my point, which means first I need to prep my classes for tomorrow so I can justify sitting around writing an essay about a TV show.  Short reaction: Bedelia is Will, Will is Clarice, I don't know how I didn't figure that out a week ago at least and I am so very very salty we will not get a season four. 

Other things: I'm taking a bit of a Tumblr hiatus because it is eating up far too much time that I want to be spending at least feeling the illusion of productivity.  I've exhausted myself just reading the responses on that post I made about cross-platform use, it's terrible.  I mean -- the responses aren't terrible, it's been fascinating to read them.  But the sheer enormity of variation in All The Reasons for fandom to remain the way it is are daunting.  Ultimately I think it perhaps does come down to personal preference.  I've been reading the tumblrs of quite a few old-school XF fans, who have come back for the revival, and it's been a big part of what's gotten me thinking about platforms and usage, largely because the way that fans who are coming back into fandom after being gone two, three, in some cases five, six years is so very different than the way uses who have followed platforms more seamlessly are using them.  There's far more back-and-forth reblogging and discussion, but the result is (I will admit this) a very, very cluttered and difficult to read space that eventually becomes impossible to follow.  even with the ability to track conversations on the post I made a few days ago, as an OP, I'm finding that threads reach a point where I just can't read them anymore because they're stretched out twizzler-thin.  I think ultimately I'm just not equipped with the time necessary to make Tumblr into a platform that suits my needs, but I'm also okay with that - I find myself far more comfortable with the idea of posting in a text-based space with very little audience, than trying to adapt to a space I'm uncomfortable in, with a similarly small audience, if that makes sense?

At any rate.  I've somehow managed to roughly outline an embarrassingly long mpreg that I'm now trying to wrangle back into a manageable length.  I think generally anything over 25k becomes a little absurd for me, or at least, it becomes more likely that I'll get distracted and wander away.  I have an embarrassing amount of dead WIPs on my Google Docs, and it really does seem as though the one thing they have in common is that they all passed 30k.  I've got this Steve/Tony WIP that's something like 42k and the bane of my existence, just because it died SO CLOSE to being done that I'll never quite get over it.  I'll never finish it either, mind you, because I lost interest in the ship, but sometimes I click back into it and think, "if you had just been A LITTLE SHORTER."

Moral of the story: never let yourself tl;dr, you will always regret it.  SO MANY BANDOM FIC THAT NEVER MADE IT.


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