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 Okay, so three out of four of the classes I teach are in the exact same room, but all four are in the same hallway, which means every day I take the same stairwell to the second story of the CLCC building twice a day.  Today on the way out of my second class I noticed something.  I couldn't take a picture because I was with a student (I'll take one on Friday if it's still there, since the campus is largely empty Friday mornings) but sort of...drawn into the door, was the fucking Mark of Cain, from Supernatural.

Seriously though.  There's what, a total of 1.5 million (possibly just 1.5 period) people who watch that show?  I refuse to believe more than 3 of them live in Arizona.  My BFF found a car with the Dean/Cas sun visor from Hot Topic on it at the Wal-Mart in the center of Gilbert's Delicious Meat Pentagram (as per Tumblr); I've parked next to a car at the Safeway near me a few times that has a bunch of angel warding and anti-possession symbols stuck across the back.  I refuse to believe in a world where there's someone running around campus drawing obscure symbols from the last two shit-storm seasons.

Then again, during the hiatus between seasons two and three of Sherlock, "I BELIEVE IN SHERLOCK HOLMES" posters did appear in a bunch of places across campus.  My BFF and I are currently debating whether or not someone is trying to communicate with me, given that I do have a fairly noticeable Castiel bow attached to my work tote (it's got wings and a little blue tie with tan-and-black layers; Hot Topic is pretty awesome) and my sunglasses are currently SPN-themed.  I pointed out that even if someone did see my bow, I'm not sure a symbol that says "I intend to beat you within an inch of your life and seriously consider killing you with your own blade" is really a good way to make friends and influence people, but all that did was make her want me to wear my SPN dress next week and see if I can get someone to draw an angel trap around my office door.

Very helpful.  A+.

Seriously: I never attracted Fandom IRL when I was the age where Fandom IRL would have been convenient.  Now it happens to me just often enough to be weird.  At least I get good stories?

Date: 5 Sep 2015 07:01 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I can't imagine the kind of stress you've had to deal with in terms of fandom and tumblr. (It's become so terrifying to me that I refuse to engage and only consume anymore) That being said, I am truly truly sad that your blog was emptied out. Your meta posts were one of the things I've come to read and re-read because of the sheer clarity and thought and cleverness put into them. I hope they weren't lost in the purge, and if they weren't, that they might find a home somewhere else.

Absolutely do what's best for yourself and your mental health! Take care!!

Date: 7 Sep 2015 03:42 pm (UTC)
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In my first uni I had seen a few messages from fandoms, including (like you) "I believe in Sherlock Homles" and "Moriarty was real" and a few things about Supernatural and Doctor Who. It's funny how fandoms can get into real life in very unexpected way.

But yes, at least, you get good stories out of these events.


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