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I made the mistake of continuously reading about the Goodreads Debacle on and off all day today. I'm lucky enough to have escaped inclusion, likely due to my (probably not very reasonable) habit of regularly deleting everything I've written from the internet, but something about the entire thing threw me. Maybe it was the fact that GR can wind up linking an author publicly to their Facebook or other real life identity. Maybe it's the fact that it was effectively serving to take anonymemes like bandflesh and spn_gossip's fanfic discussion public: a place to trash without fear of imagined recourse (because I'm unclear on what's stopping these people from just leaving poor reviews on AO3: if you're the kind of person that is going to argue for the "value of free speech over the writer's so-called rights any day" I sincerely doubt you have problems hurting someone's feelings in your quest to talk shit on the internet in between middle-school classes). It could be that it fell so quickly on the heels of another of my semi-annual Archival Displeasure Junkets. Or it could be that I'm cranky from my three (four) jobs and this is supposed to be a hobby that brings me pleasure, not the constant reminder the internet thinks of me as a logarithm for porn.

(Unrelated thought: the end of TWS would have been very different if that had been what Project Insight did.)

Regardless. Fans Behaving Badly will always be a fixture of fandom, and we should probably just be grateful no one sent Michael Rosenbaum a box of dildos, but it doesn't change how disheartening the response was, the general idea that the rights of the readers to these stories trumps everything else.

At any rate: I am going to make an attempt to integrate DW into my fandom experience. Which very likely means a fannish experience of only me, but I'm alright with that, too. I'll still be using Tumblr for shiny things obviously, and to link meta or any fanfic I write, but any significant content, I think I'm going to try posting here. I like the idea of having a level of control of the things I've written between "THE WHOLE WORLD CAN SEE ME NOW" and "scrubbed from the internet."

Date: 16 Dec 2014 03:09 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] erstwhiletexan
"it doesn't change how disheartening the response was, the general idea that the rights of the readers to these stories trumps everything else"

This, to me, is the most upsetting and enraging part of this whole thing, and I think it's been a massive change from my early days in fandoms back in the late 90s/early 00s. Back then it seemed like at least fandom had created this very insular community which kept to itself and protected itself and where readers didn't feel like they were entitled to share/post/talk about fanfic OUTSIDE of fandom spheres even over the explicit requests of the creators. :/

Also hi, this is erstwhiletexan from tumblr in case you uh. Hadn't figured that out. <_<

Date: 16 Dec 2014 07:57 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] erstwhiletexan
I try to be open to the perspectives of Tumblr-based fandom denizens because I recognize that I am as old as the dirt itself, esp. in fandom years, and these young whippersnappers think/feel/do differently but in this case no. Just fucking no. You do not get to apply your wrongly-interpreted understand of "freedom of speech" trumping "writer's imagined rights" because guess what WRITER'S RIGHTS ARE VERY REAL EVEN ON AO3 AND PART OF THEIR RIGHTS INCLUDE HOW/WHEN/WHERE/WHY THEIR WORK IS DISSEMINATED AND ALSO TO REMOVE THEIR WORKS IF THINGS GET DONE THEY DON'T LIKE

rarrrrrghhhhhh sorry I am just SO incredibly angry about that perspective and everything it represents as a worldview.

And yes, I agree that AO3's silence is discomfiting, and I know that I have a difference of opinion with most of the OTW's philosophical stance that getting fandom into the mainstream is an overarchingly GOOD thing, but I still feel like their FIRST duty to people who post on AO3 is to protect the authors/creators because otherwise why the fuck should we post to AO3 to begin with?

I don't think I'm going to abandon AO3 just yet, particularly because I am a very very small fish that lurks at the edges of a very large pond, but I am considering going back and adding a disclaimer requesting that no one repost or link to my works on sites like GR, etc. :/ Even though I am as old as the dirt and learned about Safety On The Internet in the 1990s and have a pretty ironclad online pseudonym that can't be linked back to my legal name and therefore am pretty safe from the impact of my fandom activities on my real life, I am still 100000000000% against any kind of doxxing or breaking of the barrier between fandom and real life WHEN THE AUTHOR DOESN'T WANT IT DONE.


Date: 30 Aug 2015 04:51 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] quiet1
Oh, is that what happened to your fic? I was looking for But We Were In Screaming Color the other day and sad to see it vanished.

I haven't been active in fandom lately though, so apparently I missed some stuff.

Date: 16 Dec 2014 10:47 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] crystal_lilly
Hi, linzee! I'm following you on DW now, and I have never had a Tumblr so you won't recognize me. (I think I maybe sent you one or two anon asks on Tumblr.) I admit to sometimes being confused over Tumblr standard practice, since I grew up in fandom on journaling sites like LJ.

Anyway, I don't have anything fandom-based posted to my DW journal, but I love having an account to make comments with. Also, do you have a link to a summary of the Goodreads situation, since I'm not familiar with what has been going on? I can't really comment on anything at the moment, because I'm very much in the dark right now.


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